Cow-Calf Certification (English Language Version)

Stocker/Backgrounder Certification (English Language Version)

Feedyard Certification (English Language Version)

Certificación de Vaca-Becerro (Versión en Español)

Certificación del Criador/Preparador (Versión en Español)

Certificación de Engorda de Corral (Versión en Español)

The primary goal of this Advanced Education Module on Biosecurity is to support personnel at cattle operations with biosecurity principles and practical biosecurity applications. Cattle operation owners and managers will also build a biosecurity plan that can be implemented. The intended outcome of this course includes improvements in biosecurity and production practices among cattle operations, leading to safe and healthy employees, animals, and beef. This module was developed as part of the Beef Quality Assurance Program, funded by the Beef Checkoff.